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Jan 15, 2013 1:00am PST
rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening. >> good evening. i'm sorry -- >> wait a minute. you're sorry about the vikings. you're sorry about the packers. you're sorry about the broncos. you're sorry about the seahawks. all of my -- in fact, i should be starring on "biggest loser." >> you know -- >> you know, all my teams are gone. >> are you not happy for my patriots at all? reflective glory? no. all right. wow. >> well, they've been around. they've won so much. don't you get tired of winning? no. >> never. thanks, man. i appreciate it. thank you. >> all right, rachel. >> oh. and thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. go pats! all right. just before 3:00 this afternoon, the office of the vice president of the united states tweeted out this picture. this picture. this is the final meeting that we know vice president biden took in washington. part of his big high profile effort to put together proposals for policy reform after the newtown elementary school massacre last month. there is a lot going on in this photo. the vice president is there obviously in shirt-sleeves
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm PST
'm ed schultz. the rachel maddow show starts right now. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, ed. i'll see you in d.c. >> i might jump out of the booth and join the parade. >> i'll see you there. >> you bet. >> thanks for joining us tonight. have you ever heard of the vix? it's spelled v-i-x for volatility index. it's sometimes called the fear index. vix is a numerical index of volatility and fear in the stock market. it tells us in chart form, in numerical form how these guys are feeling, if they get spooked by their bosses, clients, horoscopes, whatever. if they start trading like crazy people for whatever reason, the vix goes up. it registers fear. what causes the vix to spike typically is news about the economy. actual real-world events. this, for example, is what happened to the vix on october 24th, 2008, that big red arrow there. that's when the stock market crashed in '08, one of the worst days of the great recession, record high vix. another spike happened may 20th, 20 2010 when there was sudden new that is europe's economy was even in worse shape than we thought. it spiked
Jan 19, 2013 2:30pm PST
with rachel at her latest service event. she found out about generation on when she was in sixth grade. the organization helped her start a kids care club for teens, by teens. >> and it started with about 10 girls in it, and now, it's expanded to about 40 youth from sixth grade to tenth grade. >> what does it mean for projects to be by teens, for teens? >> it means the kids in kids care come up with the service projects they want to do, and it's solely for teens and kids to do those service projects, such as this event. it's made for kids to come bowl on a friday night, to give back to their community. >> this event is raising money to help kids with disabilities. over the years, rachel's group has organized fund-raisers and events for various causes -- from crafts fairs to fashion shows. along the way, the kids in the club are learning important skills. >> me and my friend lauren, we are the p.r. committee. >> what's the p.r. committee? >> oh, public relations for the events, and we did a lot of facebooking and twitter, sending out e-mails. >> usually, i help out with the tickets and
Jan 15, 2013 3:00am PST
, and new board president rachel norton, sorry, i have been sick today. and vice president fewer, i am erica from the george washington high school, and i am here to share positive about a teacher at george washington high school. after all the papers are turned in and the scores tabulated. and all the students have graduated. it's wonderful when a student reflects on what makes a teacher great. i believe that a great teacher works with student and makes learning engaging. the ultimate complement for a teacher is when a college student takes the time for the carlson foundation award. i have to say i was pleasantly surprised when i received a call from a man named tim allen, and i asked him, are you the tim allen. and he said yes, i am. but he wasn't, a different tim allen. and he shared that his foundation wanted to award a teacher for their work. i was pleasantly surprised this was being done. because so many times teachers tirelessly work without recognition. and then he shared that the teacher was michelle kyung. and i knew why they this chosen her. mrs. kyung has been a teacher at washin
Jan 18, 2013 11:00pm PST
a fire house, it's also us being exposed to diesel exhaust, and so with you mentioned this gal, rachel, is she the person who's not here today, or when you were talking about the air quality, having your air quality tested, and the odd thing is now a different agency runs and maintains these pumps that are right beneath us now so it gets kind of complicated, but i think i've been exposed, i worked at the airport for 11 years and then worked here, i have this exposure to diesel smell that you don't notice it here, i do notice it frequently, and so when you mention this gal rachel. >> so, just before this, we had a meeting because we're working on hopefully building a study to look at exposures among women in the fire course to understand what they're exposed to, this raises a really interesting kind of unique sub population within that, she is an environmental health scientist and has done a lot of work on measuring levels of chemicals in people and environments, so one study she did was with also in richmond california to looking at the different levels of chemicals, diesel exhaust in
Jan 19, 2013 4:00am PST
. >>> ron is ready to do some poppin' and locken. and our entertainment news reporter, rachel smith, out in l.a. this morning. hey, rachel, good morning. >> that's right. good morning, guys. have no fear. taylor swift's trouble with michael j. fox appears to be over. in an interview, the joke about his son. he wanted to clear the air with her. on friday, the pop star tweeted, hey, everybody. michael j. fox got in touch with me today. and we are good. thank you for having my back. this whole thing started at the golden globes, when tsa said stay away from michael j. fox's son. we may hear about it on her next album. >>> stephen colbert has made a comedic bid for the presidency. but his sister is going to run for congress. elizabeth colbert bush will be in the running to fill the seat of tim scott of south carolina. he may get his chance to hit the campaign trail after all. >>> leonardo dicaprio vowed to never let go of rose in "titanic." but the oscar-nominated star is letting go of acting for you. he said, i'm going to take a long, long break. the star says he will take time off to impro
Jan 15, 2013 2:00am PST
and what isn't. >> last night on "the rachel maddow show," rachel asked the parents of 6-year-old shooting victim ben wheeler about a comment they made at the news conference about having responsibility to their son. >> our job for him is to continue to do, to be, the greatest parents we can be. as i said, we're never going to stop being ben's parents. and that's complemented and made more difficult by being the best parents we can be for nate who has his own journey. >> yeah. nate said right after ben died, he said -- this is tough -- but he said you promised you would protect us. >> yeah. >> and i did promise him that. >> sure. >> you know? >> yeah. >> so what do i say to him? i can't change what happened. i know it wasn't our fault. we just sent him to school. but i'll do whatever i can to help protect nate. >> yeah. >> and protect ben's spirit. >> "the rachel maddow show" airs weeknights at 9:00 eastern here on msnbc. >>> the aid bill for superstorm sandy could be voted on today in the house. it would send almost $51 million to victims in new york, new jersey and connecticut, but it fa
Jan 12, 2013 4:30pm PST
the department to monitor the air, can you tell me -- >> i think this would be a great question for rachel, she's done a lot of oil and soil sampling and monitoring and she's familiar with the labs that work in this area and would be able to give you a lot of support and help. >> thank you. >> okay. >> so, shall we open it to wider questions. we have about 10, 15, 20 minutes. >> so, this may sound a little weird to come from someone with the breast cancer fund but i want to say everything that connie said could be breast cancer but it could also be loads of other diseases so what she's talking about really is not just concerns about one of the very worst diseases to which too many of us succumb, but we're also talking about neurodegenerative diseases, asthma, developmental disorders, other reproductive -- infertility, miscarriage, all kinds of other disorders, so horrible as breast cancer is, it's really one in a whole spectrum are affected by these chemical processes. i wanted to add that. >> hi. one thing i thought would be really good to have within fire house iss to get rid of antibacterial
Jan 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
. the the "rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening, rachel. >> good eveningish ed. thank you, my friend. >> you bet. >> thanks now at home for staying with us for this hour. the 1992 presidential election. that was the election that cut short poppy bush's time in office, right? he was only a one-term president because he lost in 1992. democrats like to remember 1992 as a triumphant year for the democratic party because there was this young arkansas democratic governor bill clinton unseating an incumbent republican president. the uncomfortable part of that memory for democrats is that even though bill clinton did beat president bush in 1992 he did so with only 43% of the vote. bill clinton got 43% of the vote that year. president bush got 37% of the vote. and even though it is always a bad idea to do math on television, this one isn't that hard. if you add up 43 and 37 you do not get anywhere near 100% of the vote. what happened to the rest of the vote? the wacky thing about the 1992 election in terms of thinking about american binary red versus blue party politics is that another guy wh
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Jan 16, 2013 1:00pm PST
the sheriff can do this but another attorney says no he cannot. rachel, you think he can, why? >> he absolutely can because the president can't tell state law enforcement officials what to do. the state law enforcement official is totally within his right, these are your laws. you enforce them. federal authority is who should be enforcing the federal law. guns are regulated by federal law. the sheriff is doing anything wrong by saying that he will not enforce federal law. we see it all the time. in colorado the law is in conflict with state and federal with marijuana. the state officials do not go out and arrest people under the federal law. bottom line what he is doing is not wrong. >> first let me start off, me or you or the sheriffs to decide whether or not these proposed laws are constitutional. that is left for the court system. i certainly believe the sheriff has great intentions but at the end of the day, it's not law enforcement officer's duty to determine constitutionality of laws. i agree to a certain extent with your other guests. the feds are not going to require these st
Jan 16, 2013 1:00am PST
rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening. >> good evening. tremendous news for you and wendy. i knew you were glowing today for some reason. that's awesome. >> i want to tell you, she is one tough girl. >> and you have been a tough guy along with her all this time. it's been amazing to see you standing by her the way you have. and it's great news. congratulations. >> thank you, rachel. i appreciate that. >> and thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. breaking news this hour in washington. the house has finally passed its bill to pay for relief efforts for hurricane sandy. it has just happened tonight. the storm hit on october 29th. it caused 140 deaths. it caused billions of dollars of damages in the densely populated regions of new york city and new jersey and connecticut where it hit most directly. although the u.s. senate acted last month on sandy relief, it has taken john boehner's republican-controlled house 78 days since the storm to pass this bill responding to the storm. in the end, on the republican side, it ended up being a grudging vote for sandy relief. repub
Jan 15, 2013 10:30am PST
of the transportation plan, information item. >> good morning commissioners. rachel -- principal transportation planner. what i would like to share with you as an update or summary of the outreach results from our fall 2012, the last time it came to you and updated you on the san francisco transportation plan, we were about to kick off a major round of outreach. the purpose of that was to get feedback from the public and to educate the public and stakeholders about transportation needs, available revenues and also to get feedback on what the public's interest would be in transportation investment under a so-called mission scenario. if there were more revenues in the future than we expected to have. one of the key tools that we used during this outreach was a budget tzar game, where participants could create their own long-range plan. got a great response. these are the mechanisms that we used to get the word out about the budget game and about the transportation plan update in general. we had discussions about priorities, investment priorities, trade-offs, revenues, and where we have shortfal
Jan 19, 2013 8:00pm EST
, including from young people. one is from eight-year-old rachel who lives in brooklyn, new york. she wrote, please do something so that that evil cannot get guns to kill other people. children should be safe, especially in school. rachel is counting on us. let's get this done for her and all the other children in this country. let's make sure this country is a safer place for all children to learn and grow. thank you. have a great weekend. >> hello. i'm congressman james lankford from the great state of oklahoma. tomorrow president obama will be sworn in for a second term. though we disagree on some terms, we want to pray for the days ahead. are the last four years, our nation has faced tough economic times. millions of americans are out of work and gas and food prices continue to rise. we have never increased spending or debt faster than we have in this period. i weiss mad -- a wise man leaves an inheritance for their children and children's children. federal spending is dragging our economy down rather than lifting our families up. it is time for democrats and republicans to work togethe
Jan 12, 2013 4:00pm PST
is back there, give a wave, and did rachel step out already? and rachel thought she was going to give a wave but she had to step out to go to another meeting, from the breast cancer fund, we have my two science leaders, [inaudible] and janet gray, so science questions galor, they can handle them all, policy questions, we'll have to deflect some of those to nancy for another time, so what i'm going to present today is what we call our healthy home and healthy world tours, i'll talk a little bit about who the breast cancer fund is and then we're going to walk through kind of the rooms in your home talking about tips for avoiding exposures that are linked to breast cancer and i will talk a little bit about the different chemicals, where they're found, things you can do to avoid them and also some policies, and then we'll kind of go beyond the home to talk about the kinds of exposures that might be not within our control in the house but elsewhere. and it looks like i have videos so that is good. so, the breast cancer fund is a national organization that works to prevent breast cancer by
Jan 20, 2013 10:00am PST
rachel smith. hundreds of the world's most classic, iconic cars are on display right here. the hollywood gallery features famous cars from film and tv. we'll take a close are look, plus tack you on an exclusive tour inside of the gledgeddary ball. but first, let's race to this week's otrc carpet. we are at the premier of the last stand. ♪
Jan 13, 2013 10:00am PST
carpet now. ♪ >> welcome to on th on the red carpet from palm springs. i'm's rachel smith. >> we a quick two-hour drive from hollywood and just in time for the 24th palm springs international film festival. >> plenty of stars and fans show up here to enjoy an amazing line-up of films. but we can talk about the best movies of the year without talking about the academy awards.
Jan 13, 2013 5:00am PST
doing national publicity. whether it is on the rachel ray show, driving that mass awareness. >> is there a particular responsibility that you all feel as black independent film makers to make black film? what if you want to write something about 13th century england. do you feel like you're betraying your calling or your opportunity as black filmmakers? >> i wouldn't. i make films about what is important to me. i feel as a filmmaker, yes, it is my responsibility to put content out there. movies since the beginning of their existence have shaped the view of people on societies, and of cultures. and have had so much impact on life in general. and i feel, yes, as a filmmaker, i do have a responsibility to make content that says something. >> thank you so much for being here. >>> up next, a unique dentist who is improving the lives of low income residents. >> it is so enriching when you give back. when you give from the heart. you see the experiences that oh, hey mike. what are you up to? oh, just diagramming this accident with my state farm pocket agent app. you can also get a
Jan 15, 2013 2:30am PST
president, rachel norton. >> any further? if no more, i declare the nomination closed. >> commissioner norton, i would like to move that we elect commissioner norton by acclimation. that needs a second. >> second. >> any other discussion? okay, we are good. thank you very much. [applause] i have the pleasure to announce that i have been elected president of the board. [laughter] i am now declaring nominations open for the office of vice president of the board of education for the year of 2013. any nominations? commissioner mendoza. >> it would be my honor to nominate sandra fewer. >> i think we will close the nominations there, what do you think? would we like to make the same, i will hear the same motion for acclimation. >> second. >> congratulations. [applause] >> i have the pleasure of announcing that commissioner sandra fewer has been elected vice president of the board of education. congratulation. and now we will do the ceremonial changing of the seats. while waiting, do tu -- do you want to say something about the information? we will talk about ta --- that later. we have appr
Jan 15, 2013 11:00am PST
for planning. i will give you the second part of this presentation but time is short. as rachel mention, of the feedback which will continue to go out and get, it will lead to the development of the final plan expected in the summer of this year. the sector policies highlighted in blue are meant to complement the investment programs. prioritize resources in new revenues should there be a desire to approve those. these policies generally we are combining them into a set of recognitions called strategic initiatives. they're meant to be timely. the stakeholders and directions for the entire city. and space to what we all collectively believe are necessary in the next two years to guide various agencies work and input to other regional and federal authorities working in transportation. they also suggest areas for innovation, and experimentation and piloting. by now many of the new lands were approved happily. these include the large capital of vestments that you see here, venice and gary brt, etc., as well as many of the area planning studies, market octavia studies, these are basically ac
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 116 (some duplicates have been removed)